Presidential Statement

Why have a special Society for a ‘technique’, or ‘surgical trick’ if you would ? An obvious question, deserving an obvious and serious answer.

First of all, the introduction of a new technique  needs gouvernance by a professional society. As robot assisted surgery is complex it requires specific training, but also specific conditions in order to be used safely and effectively.

Secondly, as with the introduction of each new technique, robot assisted surgery will for a long time remain a niche in the surgical field. This niche would not get the needed attention within existing professional societies with much wider interests.

Thirdly, having said all that, of course our Society for European Robotic Gynaecological surgery gratefully appreciates the cooperation between our Society and sister societies for which robot assisted surgery is a (small) part of their repertoire.

As a matter of fact, our Society wishes to promote minimal invasive surgery as a whole, using robot assisted surgery as a tool to reach that goal ! Our mission therefor states that we aim

‘to provide better access to minimal invasive surgery

for women needing a gynaecologcical operation,

through promotion of safe and efficient use of computer assisted surgery

by being the acknowledged independ society for education, certification and registration of surgeons and their teams.’

Especially when using high technological techniques such as robot assisted surgery standards of care should be well defined and transparent for both professionals and our patients alike.

As a professional society we have the obligation to give guidance to those who want to perform this specific type of surgery, at the same time ensuring our patients that their care is provided in a safe way. To this end our Society has set up a well defined Curriculum for training. The next step will be to establish a system for accreditation of centers and certification of surgeons, as hallmarks that will be clear to our patients.


We also have established a registration system for robot assisted cases in order to monitor our performance. The Society is gratefull to its past president, dr. Eric Lambaudi, for leading this European Robotic Datase (EuRoD) into a transparent Europe.


Robot assisted surgery remains work of humans, so we welcome all involved into SERGS !

Rene_Verheijen 200x300

Prof. René H.M. Verheijen

SERGS President



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